My podcast can now be at found at MONTYSROCKCAST.COM or on the iTunes Store.  The episodes are free, so feel free to download them and put them on your iPod, or just listen on your computer or phone.  If you're not familiar with what a podcast is, well it's basically an internet radio show. If you ARE familiar with podcasts, I think you’ll find mine is a little different from any you’ve ever heard. I talk about music, pop-culture, politics, sports, and life in general, but present it in a very unique and often humorous way.  I also frequently read listener emails and Top 10 lists, so feel free to join in and become part of it. Enjoy and Rock On!


John Huff In Canada

Mr. Stephen Hines In Ohio

Cindy Madriz In Costa Rica

Matt Dunlap In St. Louis

Eric In Orange County

Dan The Man Cunningham

Mark Walshak In Texas

Fabrice In France

Dana Vandiver In Texas

Patrick Edmonds In Minnesota

Brady Jennings In Wash St.

Paul Morgan in Virgina

Phil Robinson

Mister David Whiteman

Lindsey Colvin

Greg Skipton

Jimmy Gee in Chicago

Jeff Moore

Jeff Kunze in Minnesota

Jeffrey Elliott 

Gary Raub in Baltimore

Chad Jones in Missouri

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